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Knitted Cotton Face Cloth

By Cathryn Candy

Knitting your own facecloth is not only beneficial to the environment, it is also beneficial to your skin. It helps exfoliate your skin while remaining gentle and absorbent, so is an ideal addition to your beauty regime. You can also choose to use them as dishcloths.

What you need

Any cotton or cotton mix yarn can be used and makes a soft face cloth. A 50 gram ball should make around 3 , if you have an odd bit of left over yarn 15 -20 grams should be sufficient for one cloth. If you use bigger needles reduce the number of stitches and the rows a bit, especially if you are worried that you may not have enough yarn!

Use no9 or 3 ¾ needles.


Cast on 52 stitches leaving a small end just enough to thread to fasten when finished.

Knit 2 rows of single rib, one knit, one purl.

Row 3 knit the row.

Row 4 knit two stitches to create a boarder then purl to the last two stitches, knit these for the other boarder.

Row 3 and 4 make the main section of the face cloth knit these rows approx 25 times to make your cloth more or less square.

Knit one row in one knit, one purl rib at match the starting two rows.

Cast off in one knit one purl rib, this should make your work even. Leave a small end.

Work the ends into your work to fasten off.

You can make variations of this i.e. knit it all and blanket stitch round to make it flat, or just knit it and let it curl.

Would make a lovely personnel present with a bar of 'Friendly' soap.

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