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Flash Gordon - Kickstart 2024 with a refreshing cleanse and declutter!

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January is an excellent time to go through your home, cupboards, and storage areas. Undoubtedly, many new items entered your home over the Christmas period, making it challenging to find room for these additions. Why not take advantage and have a good old clear-out? If you haven't used these items in the last five years, let's be honest—you're probably not going to use them again.

Are any of these items good enough for resale, charity, regifting, recycling, etc?  Sometimes, clearing out can be the easy part, but efficiently disposing of items can be time-consuming in people's busy lives.  One option could be checking out Verwoodians on waste, or at Flash Gordon we often will post items on the Facebook page 'Verwood FREE Stuff', this page is Private so you'll have to join.  But we list items on here and leave them outside the gates at Flash Gordon.

If you feel you aren't ready to dispose of these items, why not look into a more permanent storage solution? It could be that you inherited some items with sentimental meaning, but you don't have space, or they don't fit your home decor. At Flash Gordon, we have a selection of storage solutions for everyone. We offer flexible short and long-term storage options, including convenient self-storage for both homeowners and businesses, warehoused storage, or 24/7 secured storage.

Start making new memories and get in touch with the Flash Team to help you cleanse for 2024!

No job is too big or too small. Let Flash take care of it!

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