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  • Anita Rigler

Christmas Bucket List Jar

  • You will need 1 pretty jar

  • Optional coloured wooden sticks from Hobbycraft, plant labels or luggage labels

  • Sharpie pen

Or buy a personalised bucket list note book online.

This is a gift for someone who never does anything for themselves or are so busy working that life is just passing them by!

This is a difficult concept to explain, but we know from experience that should life throw a curved ball, and stops them in their tracks, resentment often follows that they have not done all the things they wanted to in life. Not having your health to enjoy retirement is a classic example.

Bucket lists are very personal. A simply joy could be a kayaking lesson, exploring the caves along the Jurassic coast. Swimming with dolphins abroad may take longer to achieve, but it is achievable.

Encouraging the recipient of this amazingly thoughtful gift to fill their jar with pictures, newspaper clippings, names of places they would like to visit.... Build those memories. This awaken- ing could be the best gift they could ever have. Letting family and friends know about their jar will encourage experience or practical gifts to support the memories. But don’t forget to start your own jar!

Bucket list gift4
Download PDF • 721KB

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